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Turning the Light
Back On

My father had never built a house before, so it’s no surprise he got his measurements wrong, but even though it was much bigger than he’d planned, it was perfect. 

Maybe he unconsciously built it that big because he’d been a lighthouse keeper for so many years and developed a deep love for having people around.

And the people came! The house was often filled to the rafters with family and friends enjoying homemade food and wonderful music. It had a special energy - one that made you feel good by just being there. 

The place was lit from within with love, and if those walls could speak, they'd have more than a few happy memories to share. 

The light shined brightly in our home for many years until one day, it suddenly stopped.


On March 16th, 1987, our family suffered a horrific tragedy when my father, younger brother and uncle lost their young lives in a drowning accident.

Within a few short years and with unbearable sorrow clinging to the walls of our beautiful home, we closed the doors and walked away with heavy hearts and bittersweet memories.


The light had gone out in every way. 

Those were hard days for our family and for many others in our small, tightly knit community of St. Shotts. The house sat silent and remained dark for the next seventeen years.

While she no longer lived there, we'll be forever grateful to our mother for keeping the house protected from the elements so that one day we could return if we so wanted. 

That day came about twenty-five years later when my husband and I hatched a crazy plan to turn the lights back on and breathe new life into our old family home.

The renovations were extensive. Every ceiling, wall, and floor came out - with just one exception - the guitar wall. That had to stay. Today it serves as a backdrop for local entertainers and recording artists to share their stories and songs with our guests.


We believe Dad would be very pleased about that. 

Front with Ramp.JPG

On June 24th, 2022, we officially opened and welcomed our first guests to The Keeper’s Kitchen B&B. 

We’re so proud of what we've created in this special house, and can't wait to share it with you.

Visitors tell us they sense a special kind of light here now. We feel it too. 

Nothing warms our hearts more than to have guests remark how much they feel at home when they walk in, and how renewed, refreshed and somehow unexplainably brighter on the inside when they walk out.

Their light has been restored. 

For this and so many other reasons, The Keeper’s Kitchen B&B is more than a home away from home. It is a haven that reconnects you with your spirit through exceptional food, music, art and adventure. 

We’ve had many accolades since opening and are grateful for each one, but sometimes can’t help but wonder what this old house would say if it could speak to us now.

We think it would say "Thank You!" and would be very proud to have become the keeper of a special kind of light

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