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Image by George Lindemann

Both experiences are offered based on interest & availability
MUST Book in Advance

Your B&B hosts, Michelle and Reidar deliver these two special experiential adventures. As a result, both of these experiences CANNOT be offered on the same day.


Therefore, if interested, it is best to contact the B&B directly to check availability especially if you'd like to add one or both of these to your visit.

Image by Nick Karvounis

Foraging Feast

Explore the barrens, beaches and woods of St. Shotts.

If you're a foodie, then this experience is not to be missed!

Our Foraging Feast culinary experience showcases nature, folklore, history, culture, tradition, music and of course food - this one has it all!

Become immersed in the area's food culture while also learning new and creative ways to use wild ingredients.


In addition to exploring the great outdoors and its wild edibles, there will be plenty of mouth-watering bites as well as a gourmet-style dinner (additional cost and must be reserved in advance) if you so chose to join us.  

This is a unique interactive 5 hour experience that takes place from 11am - 4pm.

Please contact us for more details and to add this to your itinerary.

Image by Giuseppe Murabito
Shipwreck Heroes
Take a Deep Dive into the history of the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" without a wet suit! 

Everyone loves a good story and St. Shotts is full of them. 

With 70+ shipwrecks in and around the coastline of St. Shotts, the area has become historically known as "The Graveyard of the Atlantic".

During this adventure you'll discover the real shipwreck heroes - namely, the first responders from the community. These incredible stories of true bravery, courage and grit have never been shared with visitors until now.  

Through creative storytelling that delivers the facts in a fun and interactive way, you'll learn about some of the shipwrecks of the area and the role the local people played in rescuing their crews and cargo.

This experience draws YOU into the story by enlisting your help in re-enacting segments of it! Don't worry, you don't need any acting experience! Your role will be fun to play and you'll be given your cue in advance! 

This type of active engagement gives a deeper understanding of the people, the impact of these regularly occurring maritime disasters and how greatly they impacted the community and area. 

"Shipwreck Heroes" is a unique story, about unique events, shared in a very unique way. 

It's an experience you'll never forgot!

Image by Kelsey Chance
Full House Bookings
Retreats, Team Building & Couples/Girlfriend Getaways

We offer a special discounted rate for three day/two night full house bookings.


Group gatherings are one of our specialities. Whether you are a group of friends, couples, coworkers or people who share a common interest, we'd love to help you plan your memorable all-inclusive getaway.

Depending on your needs, we can also offer special group activities and events.


If you have your own itinerary, that's cool too. We'll take care of all the other details. 

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