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Even in its original form, The Keeper's Kitchen was built for a crowd and definitely for music!

A universal language that breaks down barriers, heals the brokenhearted and shines light into darkness - music has its own kind of magic.


Whenever you get an opportunity to experience live music in an intimate setting, you must take it. We're proud to present some of the finest performers and recording artists on our stage.


Our house concerts have their own illuminating energy - something best felt rather than described.


Join us for a night (or afternoon) that will live long in your memory! 

Our events have now concluded for the 2023 season.

We're currently booking acts for Spring/Fall 2024.

To stay updated, we invite you to join our mail-list so you will get first dibs on event tickets as they are announced.


Your host Michelle, in addition to being a recording artist, published author and life coach, is also is a visual artist with collectors of her work in seven countries.

Art is such an openly expressive medium, and a fantastic tool for self-discovery and de-stressing.


It can ignite playful childlike wonder and imagination while also taking you on an exciting and curious creative adventure.

When renovating the house, a space was dedicated for an open art studio. It is here that you will find a creative table inviting you to participate in art-making if and whenever you feel inspired to do so.


In addition to self-led activities, and with enough advanced notice, Michelle can arrange private lessons or an art-based activity for your group. Be sure to enquire when booking.

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