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The Keeper's Kitchen B&B

Where the LIGHT Finds You!

Take an adventure on the Irish Loop by immersing yourself in an authentic maritime experience. Feast in our kitchen, hear shipwreck stories on the barrens and enjoy a front-row seat to traditional and original live music.


With generations of our light-keeper knowledge behind us, helping you navigate all there is to see and do in the region comes naturally for us.


Come catch a sunset over the Atlantic at the end of your daily adventures. Then enjoy a gourmet-style meal before sinking into a restorative sleep in one of our suites.


We're certain you'll feel a special kind of light— both inside and out—when you stay with us at the Keeper's Kitchen B&B.

What our Guests say:
Eating Lunch

They put their hearts and souls in the food and took us on a journey as they shared what each dish was, plus how they were inspired to make it. 

Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Cheryl, USA

There’s a special kind of energy here. Even though I feel more relaxed, I’m also more energized. I somehow feel lighter, but also fulfilled. 

wide angle 2.jpg

Lupinus, China

Unbelievable experience! This is a MUST! Their rooms are clean and comfortable. The valley’s view from our back window is amazing! 

Image by Kari Shea

Judy, NL

If you like hospitality, delicious foods, music and song then you won't be disappointed if you book a night or a time with them.

Jocelyn, NL

Hello and Welcome

As your hosts, adventure guides, chefs, artists, entertainers and storytellers, we're excited to introduce you to a place that feels authentic and untouched.


Here you'll feel the wind tickle your cheek, you'll taste the salt on your lips and smell the mystical scent of the barrens beneath your feet. It's a place unlike anywhere else.


You'll take away a sense of revitalization through connecting deeply with the land, the sea and the people. You'll re-ignite your light.


This place looks, feels, sounds and smells different at every turn. We're sure you'll experience on our stage, on the barrens and on your plate.  


The best way to learn about a place and its people is through their food, their stories and their music so that's what we serve up every chance we can.


We look forward to welcoming you to our home and to this very special place.

Michelle & Reidar

Explore and Discover the Light

There's a special kind of light here that has an unmistakable energy. It's difficult to describe in words, and is best felt in your spirit and through your senses.

We invite you to take an adventure with us where the first light of dawn hits North America and the last golden glow of sunset sinks into the Atlantic at the end of every day. 

We'll help you Navigate

Being new to an area and having limited time to explore, can bring up a load of questions. We get it! And that's why we're dedicated to helping you navigate the unknown. When you stay at The Keeper's Kitchen B&B, you'll get an inside track on how to best spend your time.


Our history of lighthouse keeping (6 generations in Michelle's family) and a 40+ yrs in the Maritime industry (Reidar's choice of profession), means that helping you to chart the best course of action is something that comes very naturally to us.

There is so much to explore along the Irish Loop. If you'd like to get a jump start, click below to see a small sampling of attractions that might interest you.

Our Experiences

Shipwreck Heroes

Take a Deep Dive into The Graveyard of the Atlantic without even getting wet!

See remnants of one of the 70+ ships that wrecked off our coastline and learn about the heroic first-responders of St. Shotts

cliff at Crewe.jpg

Foraging Feast & Culinary Art

Our Foraging Feast and Culinary Art experience showcases nature, folklore, history, culture, tradition, food, art and music - this one has it all! 

If you're a foodie and enjoy getting creative, this one is for you! It's a special curated experience offered to house guests only. A two-night stay is required.

There are definitely no mistakes in life.
Lots of lessons, but no mistakes.

We never thought we'd be here, in the middle of nowhere, doing what we love, but here we are!

Isn't it true that life always seems to lead you down the exact road you were meant to walk?

We hope your footsteps lead to our door. It would be our pleasure to share the magic, beauty and light of this place with you.

Michelle & Reidar

Join us for a one-of-a-kind Newfoundland experience.

Let the LIGHT find you.


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